GreenBrowser 6.8.0105 !

GreenBrowser is your best choice of flexible and powerful green web browser.
GreenBrowser is least memory occupy browser, it is fastest browser and most configurable browser.
GreenBrowser is free to download and use. If you feel our software are good! It's welcome for you to donate!

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AD Filter, Mouse Gesture, Mouse Drag, Auto Fill Form, Auto Scroll, Auto Refresh, Auto Save, Auto Hide, Search Bar, Identity, General Form, Auto Submit Form, Send Key to Page, External Toolbar, Collector, Page Manager, Download Manager, Group, Plugin, Skin, Proxy, Start Mode, URL Alias, Quick Key, Link List, Status Bar Setting, Sort Save Page, Clean System, Page Download Control, Page Zoom, Page Background Color, Speed Dial, Top Video Player...


Search Engine
You can customize GreenBrowser search bar. Drag and drop text into the search button to search directly. Search by drag and drop quick menu
  Auto Fill Form
There are many intimate convenient features to help you fill form fastest. Identity, General form, Multi-account form, Auto submit form.
Mouse Drag
When you can drag link, image, text, you can perform different operations for them, such as open, search, collect, copy and so on.
  Mouse Gesture
Move mouse with right mouse button pressed, you can perform some operations by diffrent track. You can view tips of mouse gesture in the status bar.
Ad Filter
GreenBrowser have powerful ad filter. Such as filter popup ad window, filter duplicate window, filter embedded ad content, filter floating ad.
Collector can help you to collect text, save and ad filter record, run script. Click the first button of status toolbar to open collector.
You can save several pages as a group, then with one click to open the group. You can use special download control scheme when save page to group.
GreenBrowser have many useful plugins, you can add plugin to external toolbar. External toolbar also built-in some commonly used plugins.
Tab Bar
Tab bar show all opened pages, tab icon show the state of page, for example: blank, complete state, lock, protect, mark and so on.
  Status Bar
GreenBrowser status bar are highly customizable. It has there parts: Tips area, toolbar area, information area. You can custom the toolbar and information area.
Boss Key
If you do not want others see that you are browsing web pages, you can press boss key to quickly hide GreenBrowser.
  Shortcut Key
You can set custom shortcut key for most often used function, such as search engine, plugin, auto fill form. You also can forbid build-in shortcut key.
Page Manager
GreenBrowser have a strong page manager, you can easily view and manage last visited, last closed, current visited and current closed page.
  Save Page
GreenBrowser provide powerful and comprehensive save function. You can auto save page quickly. You also can easy to sort save page and manage saved pages.
Link List
Link list dialog list all links in page, you can filter out the interesting links by input name or URL, and quickly open or copy the selected links.
  Quick Menu
Image, flash, media, frame are common elements in page, GreenBrowser provides quick menu for them. By the quick menu, you can edit, copy, save, hide or filter.
Speed Dial
Speed dial on blank page help you open web site quickly. You can edit or delete the speed dial item. You can modify the speed dial content and format.
  Top Video Player
Some video can be independent of web page to the top GreenBrowser player window, so users can switch to another web page or program when view video.

User Appraise

After use more than 10 browser, I feel GreenBrowser is the fastest browser, the best browser!

This is an outstanding web browser. It's a lot like Maxthon and Slim Browser in many ways. For example, it offers tabbed browsing, plenty of security features (ad blocking, site blocking, and so on) as well as a ton of configuration options. I've found, though, that GreenBrowser is actually a bit faster than either Maxthon or Slim Browser or -- for that matter -- just about any other tabbed browser I've tried. So, the coding in GreenBrowser must be very tight, I would think (which is nice!). If you're looking for a tabbed browser, GreenBrowser is something you should try.

During the last years, I spent 6 hours a day navigating in the net so I had the opportunity to prove many browsers (I would say almost all of them, except GreenBrowser of course) Some of them better than the others. But GreenBrowser is just the best of all. Really excellent! Very very well thought! It could fit all I wanted from a browser. You have forgotten practically nothing and this is much to say. Very recommendable! Congratulations!

I am now using Greenbrowser, a very versatile and fast browser, giving users so many and very useful features, and in my experience the most easy to use so far among browsers I have experimented with; and it is packed into less than one meg of bytes -- plus it is free and not cluttered with ads.

I have tried many browser based on Microsoft rendering engine, such as Crazy browser and Maxthon. But Green browser is The fastest one, it allocating The less of RAM, and i can use it with my screen reader.

Never have I used a more configurable web browser! Other browser suppliers think people are too stupid to set up their browser the way they want---not so with Green Browser---it is GREAT!
------Daniel Jacobs

More user option, please search in download website and forum

Have you felt it's not convenient when you use IE? OK! This tool can help you, it's easy and powerful...
Skill 1: use F4 to quickly close the window.
Skill 2: drag a link to open it in a new window
Skill 3: drag an image to save it to the collector
Skill 4: use Mouse Drag to view a huge page or image
Skill 5: use Mouse Gesture to help you to quick view the page
Skill 6: use drag pop menu to quick search text and open link.
Skill 7: you can add search engine to the search bar.
Skill 8: drag image to quickly show image or view image url.
Skill 9: set special download control for group url.

English, Chinese, German, French, Japanese, Russian, Ukrainian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Korean


For That we have not enough time and condition to translate GreenBrowser to other language edition , so we invite you help us to do this! Thanks for your support!

Original GreenBrowser language file English.ini under language file of all language edition.

2.Skin Customize
From version 1.6, user can customize GreenBrowser's skin, you can customize almost all the icon and background, It's wellcome for you to give your idea. Let's make GreenBrowser more beautiful. Thanks for your support!


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