GreenBrowser Plugin

GreenBrowser have many useful plugins, you can add plugin to external toolbar.

Some commonly used built-in plugins
Kill Flying Ads(hide all flying Ads), MouseUnlock(unlock mouse key limit), View Page(View Resource in page), Quick Mute Speaker, Wheel Image by Mouse Wheel, Edit Page(modify any object of page), Tip Password in Page, Set Page Verdana Font, Set Page Background Color as Gray Color.

Install plugin
1. Download plugin at GreenBrowser homepage or bbs.
2. Decompress the compressed plugin into a new folder, for example: ".\PlugIn\MouseUnlock\".
3. Run "\Tools\External Toolbar\Set External Toolbar...", click open button, select plugin ini file, for example: ".\PlugIn\MouseUnlock\PlugIn.ini".

Import plugin
You can click "Import plugin..." to import all plugins in a folder, for example: "GreenBrowser\Plugin\".

Auto run plugin
You can auto run selected plugin after page completed.
1. Enable "Auto Run Selected After Downloading".
2. Click "Set External Toolbar..." , select "Auto Run" of plugin.

1.When you run plugin with Ctrl+Shift+Alt pressed, you can run plugin in all open pages.
2.You can debug JavaScript or VBScript in collector, Select text from <script> to </script>, click "Run Selected Script Text" button.

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