add: text color of unread tab
fix: stuck bug by operation of thread
fix: bug of mistakenly close page
improve: mute function under win7

fix: auto save bug of mouse drag image under IE11
fix: drag links to search bar bug under IE11
fix: input method settings bug under Win7
fix: copy text bug of drag menu
fix: set as default browser bug under Win7


add: quick menu for links
fix: some page not popup text selected menu after double click
fix: text selected menu incorrectly popup bugs
improve: if you press ctrl, text selected menu will not popup
improve: click action of system bar when not display the title bar
improve: interface operation rules

add: quick menu for selected text
add: close former window
fix: ctrl+arrow switch window bug
fix: when auto fill form can not select disabled radio item bug
fix: automatically appended save text bug
fix: automatically page turning bug
improve: find form function of set form data dialog


add: auto close blank window after click download link
fix: drag text bug when contains invalid characters
fix: invalid keystroke bug after page opened
fix: invalid mouse click bug after top window opened
fix: mouse drag bug of unicode text
improve: search keyword save rules of address bar
improve: unify download interface of setup and menu

add: close icon for all tabs
fix: blur bug when mouse drag under win8
fix: function bug when mouse drag link and image under win8
fix: input method bug of address bar and search bar under win8
fix: bug of new version check under win8
improve: add open form button in set form data dialog
improve: menu of mouse drag image

fix: multiple options form save fail bug
fix: previous/next page open fail bug
fix: speed dial open fail bug
fix: some web page open fail bug
improve: speed up favorites when startup
improve: some interface adjust


add: open previous/next page function
fix: bug of open script of favorites
fix: bug of open script of address bar
fix: several memory leaks bug
fix: download manager config loss bug
fix: custom shortcut key bug

add: view script error message
fix: favorites sidebar open script bug
fix: high light keywords bug
fix: set groups and proxy dialog bug
fix: extra long form save bug
fix: several memory leaks bug


fix: browser crash problem at startup
fix: security vulnerabilities of about: URL
fix: right click tab close page bug
fix: IE10 emulation mode fail bug
improve: auto fill form function
improve: complex URL judgment function

fix: input bug of some pages
fix: drag blur bug of win8
fix: gesture track bug of top window
fix: available memory count bug
fix: lose last visited pages bug
improve: shortcut keys function of page

add: main system bar
add: suggest when google error
add: custom number of previous visit
fix: filter bug when click link in combobox
fix: function key bug in page
fix: tab key bug of address bar

fix: bug of open javascript link
fix: top video window disappear bug
fix: top window disappears bug
fix: gesture track display bug
fix: drag tab item bug
improve: RSS page display
improve: top window key

add: open in current page for drag menu
add: drag text and link to address bar will open in current page
fix: crash bug when enum frame in page
fix: speed dial link click bug
fix: activate new window after page completed bug
improve: open all favorites url bug
improve: speed dial function

fix: top htm window position bug
fix: adjust order bug of set form dialog dialog
fix: speed dial grab the focus of the address bar
fix: shortcuts bug of top htm window
fix: save list bug when search in address bar
improve: open in new window when right click go button
improve: new window state when click external toolbar


fix: crash bug by long title
fix: tab title display bug
fix: taobao input enter bug
fix: copy quick menu url bug
fix: open in ie bug
improve: popup ad filter
improve: go button function
improve: double click of address bar

add: speed dial custom image
add: copy title/url of tab menu
fix: tab close bug
fix: mouse gesture/drag switch bug
fix: search engin url length bug
fix: group menu display bug

add: open page in top window
add: set gesture size and color
add: alias of search engine name
add: use ctrl to switch mouse gesture and drag
improve: order of search key
improve: address bar display
improve: page emulation mode

add: show mouse gesture track option
add: pop search menu option for drag text
add: collector save url option when collect text
add: right click system bar action
fix: window position bug when no caption
improve: scroll bar function when no caption
improve: auto append function for save text

add: close to left/right command
add: hide/show main caption command
add: sort function for set groups
fix: collector content lost bug
fix: image problem of speed dial
fix: open in ie bug
improve: save text function

fix: crash bug when highlight keywords
fix: input bug of Silverlight
fix: window bug when cascade mode
fix: delete bug of address list
fix: open in ie bug
fix: tab text display bug
improve: save page as image bug


add: search encode option
add: emulation mode option for IE8/IE9
fix: mouse drag bug
fix: favorites function bug of IE8/IE9
fix: edit favorites link url bug
fix: script proxy bug
improve: group toolbar effect
improve: auto fill form function

add: eight directions option for drag text
add: active tab by mouse hover
add: deactivate new search window option
improve: set form data dialog
improve: efficiency of organize groups
improve: efficiency of add to groups
improve: speed of start

add: search on current page option
add: activate new window choice when add url to favorites
fix: delete group url bug
improve: auto fill form bug
improve: some interface adjust

add: search keyword auto highlight option
add: active option for favorites/groups
add: single column menu option
fix: a key input bug
fix: a proxy menu bug
fix: groups menu delete bug
improve: tip of clean auto fill form data
improve: quick menu of top tab bar

add: active new window after page completed
add: auto high light keyword
fix: collector save bug
fix: edit button drop down menu bug
fix: flying filter bug
fix: title animation icon bug
improve: proxy button drop down menu
improve: page manager function

add: previous visited page
fix: edit box drag drop bug
fix: URL alias match case bug
fix: collector save bug
fix: URL judgment bug
fix: sometimes resource leakage bug
fix: drag drop type judgment bug
improve: window manager function
improve: search menu display

add: quick menu for find button when multi-keywords
add: inheritance page zoom of parent window
add: quick menu when not show group item
fix: dialog filter bug
fix: page not have focus bug
fix: collector lose data bug
fix: group load bug when title is null
fix: last visit load bug when title is null
fix: ctrl+arrow switch page bug
improve: judgement of some special protocol url
improve: page zoom effect

add: multi-keywords highlight
add: find function for form data dialog
fix: pop filter bug
fix: miss last visit dialog
fix: quick menu type bug
improve: link list dialog
improve: auto scroll page

fix: collector run script bug
fix: auto save page bug
fix: dialog filter bug
fix: open page and fill form fail bug
fix: save page as image bug
fix: drag link open bug
fix: set groups dialog bug
fix: download manager bug
improve: autp popup filter bug
improve: image drag menu

add: show keywords of filter url
add: search menu show favicon
fix: pop filter bug
fix: translate proxy bug
improve: URL judgment function
improve: group setup function
improve: filter setup function
improve: indentity fill form function
improve: fill form select function

add: maximum undo close menu count option
add: select IE7 IE8 page zoom mode option
fix: user custom Alt shortcut bug
fix: quick key open script bug
fix: auto fill select form bug
improve: undo close menu display
improve: judgement of url with @
improve: form fill of identity

fix: set proxy bug
fix: POST format search bug
fix: external toolbar icon bug
improve: page zoom function
improve: auto fill form function
improve: URL judgment function
improve: address bar open script function
improve: search bar quick menu function

add: set form data options
add: edit form url
add: adjust form url order
improve: security of form data
fix: favorites icon lose bug
fix: some page can not auto fill form bug
fix: some page crash bug when fill form
fix: top video player lose bug

add: multi-identity in form fill
add: multi-accounts in form fill
enhanced: security of form fill
add: top video player
fix: a favorites order bug
fix: a link copy bug
fix: two memory leak bug
improve: some interface adjust

add: text auto append save
add: group delete confirm dialog
fix: menu display bug
fix: download manager URL determine
fix: a URL safe bug
Improve: status bar information display
Improve: speed dial

add: speed dial on blank page
add: save text(append) for text drag menu
add: paste and open for address bar quick menu
add: delete group for group item quick menu
add: visiting URL save interval setup
fix: some favicon not shown bug
fix: protect tab display bug
fix: sometimes page can not close bug

add: custom shortcuts key
add: custom input method state for address bar and search bar
add: custom input method state for form fill
add: auto refresh all windows
fix: pop filter bug when input URL
fix: page edit input bug
fix: default group override bug

add: format support of save page to image
fix: ESC key bug of full-screen video
Fix: tab text incomplete display bug
Fix: tab height bug in some cases
Improve: some video could not display
Improve: open multi-line URL in clipboard
Improve: some interface adjust

Fixed: page size error bug
Fixed: POST type search engine bug
Fixed: favorites sidebar drag bug
improve: judgement of URL
improve: pop-up window filter function
improve: save URL as group function
improve: mouse middle key open url
improve: replace address bar error char

add: tab right click option
fix: URL deception bug
fix: web proxy bug
fix: favorite menu order bug
fix: press alt key input bug
fix: tray icon resume bug
improve: judge quick menu type
improve: toolbar interface

add: some status option buttons
add: drag external link to monitor
add: right click search menu function
fix: page edit input bug
fix: protect tab restore bug
improve: Ctrl+Tab switch order
improve: URL judgement rule
improve: tray icon display rule
improve: menu display effect

add: search bar quick menu add search in site
add: status bar window manager drop down menu
add: some new download manager script code
fix: some editbox input bug
fix: quick menu get url bug
fix: drag text open or search bug
improve: proxy menu display

add: group show favicon
Fix: sometimes can not show flash
Fix: sometimes can not show scrollbar
Fix: add to group bug
Fix: group toolbar bug
Fix: favorite order bug
Fix: sometimes activex can not input
Fix: status bar https protocol icon bug
Fix: active order of the tab
Fix: monitor position bug
Fix: flying ad filter bug
Improved: popup filter effect

add: link list dialog quick menu copy title
fix: locked tab item display bug
fix: click ActiveX control crash bug
fix: sometimes not complete exit bug
fix: a external toolbar setup bug
fix: page title change bug
fix: download manager script bug
improve: judge URL standard
improve: toolbar display
improve: drag text to edit of page

add: link list dialog quick menu
add: link list dialog multiple select
fix: a may bringon die away bug
fix: external toolbar separator bug
fix: filter list save bug
fix: active new homepage window bug
fix: search bar icon click menu bug
improve: external toolbar setting

add: group menu quick menu
add: fullscreen/autohide show groupbar option
add: close window back to last window option
fix: several resource leak bug
fix: a external command security bug
fix: external toolbar separator bug
fix: favorites menu symbol & bug
fix: group bug by extension name case
fix: content filter list not save bug
improve: drag text open bug
improve: interface

add: drag text select different search engine
add: search bar button option
fix: open start page bug when shell open
fix: search bar icon lost bug
fix: drag text search bug
fix: tab text bug under some theme
improve: tab right close icon

add: fill form set focus item
fix: filter auto popup ad bug
fix: multi-line tab height bug
fix: auto save page bug under vista
fix: modem speed monitor bug
fix: drage save text suffix bug
fix: monitor clipboard bug on new page
fix: drag text open/search bug

add: multiple homepage by separator |
add: show toolbar border option
add: left-right click option
fix: start crash bug
fix: drage save text suffix bug
improve: interface

add: Ctrl+Click menu option
add: save in media click menu
fix: flash key input bug
fix: external tooolbar bug
fix: drag link addto filter bug
improve: press Ctrl key not scroll when highlight

add: image,flash,media,frame Ctrl+Click menu
add: search bar button quick menu
fix: skin tab arrow bug
fix: Google Talk Gadget input bug
fix: fill form bug
fix: can not resore after minimum
improve: group button arrow
improve: collector Ctrl+G key

add: Ctrl+Click menu option
add: save in media click menu
fix: flash key input bug
fix: external tooolbar bug
fix: drag link addto filter bug
improve: press Ctrl key not scroll when highlight

add: image,flash,media,frame Ctrl+Click menu
add: search bar button quick menu
fix: skin tab arrow bug
fix: Google Talk Gadget input bug
fix: fill form bug
fix: can not resore after minimum
improve: group button arrow
improve: collector Ctrl+G key

add: search bar quick menu
add: tab close button
add: reset config
fix: fill form bug
fix: link list dialog bug
fix: shut down notify exit bug
fix: favorites menu display bug
improve: favorites menu show favicon

add: fav menu show favicon
add: stop/refresh button quick menu
fix: Vista interface bug
fix: normal tab display bug
fix: multi-language display bug
fix: search bar display bug
fix: set fill form data bug

fix: favorites sShow incomplete bug
fix: add to favorites bug
fix: monitor clip url bug when new window
fix: multi-frame find page bug
fix: menu display bug
fix: open multi-line url bug

fix: filter lead crash bug
fix: multi-frame fill form lead crash bug
fix: can not restore after minimize bug
fix: set external toolbar bug
fix: multi-lang display bug
fix: Ctrl+Arrow switch tab bug
improve: skin tab

add: customize tab skin
add: auto check new plugin
fix: plugin import bug
fix: use default filter bug
improve: interface

add: status toolbar commands
add: get search bar text
add: customize monitor icon
add: drag open group file
add: window manager copy multi url
fix: new window sequence bug
fix: mouse drag menu bug
fix: download control inherit bug
improve: quick key function
improve: input dlg function
improve: link list sort speed

add: online auto update
add: customize status toolbar
add: status toolbar commands
add: auto active search window option
add: open multi line url
fix: pop filter bug
fix: dialog filter bug
fix: favorite order bug
fix: favorite display bug
fix: auto select encoding bug
fix: drag script string bug
improve: default filter list

add: click status bar choose net interface
add: download manager in drag menu
add: auto page zoom
add: command in favorites pop menu
fix: open home page bug
fix: script favorites menu bug
fix: pop filter bug
fix: frame page content filter bug
fix: show tab fav icon bug
improve: interface

add: press Ctrl key to prevent dialog box in page
add: go first/last window
add: skin self define tray ico
fix: window size change bug
fix: content filter lead freeze bug
fix: pop filter bug
fix: duplicate filter bug
fix: duplicate filter lead leak bug
fix: input dialog copy bug
fix: visiting list save bug
fix: Google Read can not open bug
fix: drag in disable edit bug

add: rename, update url of fav quick menu
add: stop refresh drop down menu
fix: fav bar bug
fix: download manager bug
fix: popup filter bug
fix: content filter bug
improve: interface effect

add: dynamic trim memory
add: auto identify and fill verify code
add: ctrl+arrow option in edit
fix: multi-line bug
fix: favorites bug
fix: external toolbar path param bug
improve: external toolbar icon effect
improve: status toolbar icon effect
improve: relative path support
improve: browser visit address log

add: custome home page
add: right click search list copy search item
fix: sometimes %u type search lead to crash bug
fix: some interface bug
fix: save group url bug
fix: favorite menu bug
fix: download manager bug
fix: drag drop url bug

add: group toolbar
add: simulate send key to page in form fill
add: external command gbSendKey for send key to page
add: support special POST type search engine
add: Ctrl+Shift+F1 respond first search engine button
fix: page size bug
fix: tab bar effect bug
fix: the | bug in search engine
fix: drag open image bug
fix: auto run command bug when open all fav URL
fix: settle no use search engine, proxy, group

add: Ctrl+Alt+Enter domain completion type
fix: use IE auto script bug
fix: drag file in browser will open new window bug
fix: a memory leak bug
improve: relative path support ..\
improve: some group add chinese name
improve: tray icon effect

add: option for drag text to edit
add: save/fill form for multi frame page
add: highlight/find for multi frame page
add: use & to show uppercase in status bar, for example: &Good &Luck
fix: user delete group outside, group order bug
fix: url alias uppercase bug
fix: font bug under win98
fix: auto save bug when input method exist
fix: use IE proxy setting bug
fix: tab bar tip bug
fix: status bar display effect bug

1.add drag text to edit
2.fix script error tip bug
3.fix after hide still get focus bug
4.fix can not input in activex control bug
5.improve thunder download manager
6.some interface adjust

1.add save page as image
2.fix filter drag link bug
3.fix some page input bug
4.fix edit command bug
5.fix fullscreen bug
6.address bar and search bar keep focus
7.improve some GUI problem

1. restore read icon
2. improve filter
3. fix favorites menu bug
4. fix some small bugs

1.fix xp favorites order bug
2.fix toolbar auto resize bug
3.add execute command after page complete in "Add URL here..."
4.add adjust group order
5.add show favicon in tab

3.02 : Build 0525
1. fix toolbar resize bug
2. fix filter list bug
3. fix group open bug
4. fix some interface bugs

3.0 : Build 0517
1. combine ad filter dialog to option dialog
2. combine window menu to option menu
3. when add to favorite menu, user can set special download control
4. some optimization
5. fix some bugs

2.2 : Build 0415
1.support language file
2.improve mouse button action and gesture
3.improve proxy import/export
4.add "open in other side" in mouse drag link menu
5.add not save search keyword option in search menu
6.show gesture command in status bar
7.add "show ..." and "show read icon" choice in tab option
8.auto adjust "close" position of tab menu when change tab position
9.add "Open Ftp URL" in drag link/text menu
10.add "Forbid Auto Navigate" in tab menu, forbid some page refresh self.
11.fix some page auto run plugin many time after downloading
12.support relative path ".\" in favorites/link path
13.add sort save page by date.
14.improve "Auto Sort Save".

15.add auto save page by date
16.add option "Show Sort Save Dialog".
17.add auto option for submit after fill form, when click fill form icon,
Ctrl: force auto submit temporary
Shift: forbid auto submit temporary
18.improve set as default browser
19.add scroll left/right page
20.you can set $current_url as parameter in external tool.
21.improve set external toolbar when click ok.
22.add "Show Image" in drag image action

2.1 : Build 0214
1.if you press Ctrl when click search keyword, delete it.
2.add all search engine in text drag pop menu
3.add clean all dialog when clean all
4.add choice for acticve new address in window option
5.fix when close some pages, browser exit.
6.add parameter and path for external toolbar(if you not set path, default is the path of exe file)
7.you can use relative path in external toolbar (for example: after make plugin directory in GreenBrowser root path, you can use "plugin\killad\plugin.ini")
8.add choice for open home page in new window
9.you can use delete key to delete item when adress bar and search bar drop down
10.add Ftp url open option
11.add proxy import/export
12.add "Open and Inactive" in link drag popup menu
13.fix bug: can not load download manager sometimes
14.group support relatively path and %,shell::, add "Folder of GreenBrowser" in group
15.add "Close All UnMark Tabs" in tab menu
16.unit Last Visiting, Last Closed, Current Visiting,Current Closed as page manager
17.fix focus lost bug
18.fix not save config when shut down computer
19.add "Run Selected in Current Window" in external toolbar
20.improve start/close speed
21.save "Clean All" config
22.add choice for name file by page title when auto save
23.add sort save, default add 3 directory

2.0 : Final Build 0109
1.add collector options
2.add choice of match case and match whole when highlight and find in page
3.add choice to modify link bar path
4.improve interface when lock tool bar
5.add download manager(flashget/netants...) support
6.add page zoom, only work under IE6
7.add save page size state when exit or close
8.add form main password and form fill password
9.fix IE URL Spoofing Vulnerability
10.add some action and function in mouse option
11.add choice to keep one page at least
12.add choice of enable confirm navigate unsafe page
13.add auto run plugin after page downloading, when click plugin item, you can use: Ctrl (change item selected state), Shift (only selected this), Ctrl+Shift (run plugin in all pages).
14.add support of Alt+S for submit of some page.
15.add support of Tab Style.
16.add mouse drag direction
17.add pop menu for mouse drag
18.add some action for mouse drag
19.fix face icon bug (for example: pcpchina.com)
20.decrease tab height.
21.fix duplicate filter bug.
22.add Monitor Clipboard (paste address) When New Blank Page.
23.add Left-Right, Right-Left Click action.
24.add some function in mouse action.

1.9 : Final Build 1127
1.improve page scroll
2.fix page frame filter bug
3.add switch tab by mouse wheel on tab
4.add choice for search bar button show
5.add multi copy url in link list
6.add choice auto refresh active page
7.modify esc key action when input url
8.add Ctrl+A/S for collector dialog
9.add filter pop ad content icon in status toolbar
10.add choice for unfilter list of popup and content ad
11.you can add multiple URL by separator "|" in quick key
12.add delete search key list
13.add forbid show main title
14.add enable animation and flash in download control menu
15.add "Open and Active" in mouse drag action and mouse button down action
16.add "Open Cursor Line URL", you also can double click the line
17.fix address bar focus lost bug
18.address bar default search keyword
19.support xp interface
20.support environment-variable strings, for example: %windir%
21.add group "Folder of My Computer" in group menu
22.in toolbar option add choice for show bars when full screen and auto hide

1.8 : Final Build 1107
1.adjust menu order, unite options and tools menu
2.fix tab font size too large bug under xp
3.add three mouse gesture
4.add tab mark/unmark
5.add collector open selected URL
6.fix filter script plugin popup window
7.add skin disable background
8.add choice for open local file direct in open dialog
9.add choice for close clean
10.add set undo list
11.add choice encrypt form item data or not
12.add add to ie in tab menu
13.add clean undo close list
14.add self define status bar display string format
15.add some close all kind
16.add some network speed and stat display
17.fix focus lost bug
18.fix enter submit not work bug
19.fix enter new line bug
20.add sort in link list dialog and url select dialog
21.add modem speed display