GreenBrowser Save Page

GreenBrowser provide powerful and comprehensive save function.

Save menu
Click the menu "File\Save" or the toolbar's drop down menu of "Save As" button. By the menu you can save page to many types.

Auto save
If you feel that save page one by one is too much trouble, you can use auto save function, you can choose auto save type.

Sort save
GreenBrowser also provide users the sort save function, for user easy to save and manage saved pages.
1.Sometimes, the saved pages are too much, we should sort them.
2.You also can sort save the pages by date.
3.Shortcut key of sort save is Ctrl+U and Alt+U, when press Alt+U dialog not show.
4.The tail part of save menu is sort save folder, click the item to auto sort save page.

1.You can drag and drop to save image in page.
2.You can save page to a image by "File\Save\Save As Image...".
3.For some complex page, save text only in page is better. You can select text and drag to left side, click "Save Text..." or "Auto Save Text".
4.You can view save information in collector and check option of save information in collector option.

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