GreenBrowser Ad Filter

GreenBrowser have powerful ad filter.

Filter popup ad window
Filter auto popup AD window, you can custom your own filter list.

Filter duplicate window
If a window has been opened, then if you open the same adress, browser will automatically activate that window.

Filter ad content
You can filter embedded image ads, flash ads, frame ads, etc.! You can replace the content as text or image, such as:
<font color="#FF0000"><B><ads></B></font>
<img src="file:///c:/MyPhoto.gif">

Filter floating ad
Filter web pages floating ads when page complete, if not completely filter, you can run the plugin "Kill Flying Ad" on external toolbar.

1.In order to prevent filter certain popup windows or content, you can add its address to unfilter list.
2.Recommended not to use too much filter list, it may reduce the efficiency of your browsing.
3.You can view filter record in collector.

4.Global Options:
Disable Download Flash: prohibition web page display flash.
Disable Download ActiveX: prohibition the popup dialog of ActiveX plugin installation.
5.There is filter option button on status bar toolbar.

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