GreenBrowser Mouse Drag

When you can drag link, image, text, you can perform different operations for them, such as open, search, collect, copy and so on.

Mouse drag option
You can set different operations for four mouse drag directions (up, down, left ,right), if you do not need such a complicated function of four directions, set all directions as same operation.

Mouse drag menu
You can set mouse drag operations in option, but if you feel the operations are too much to remember, you can also mouse drag to the left side, then a quick menu pop up, select operations in menu.

Drag image menu

Drag text menu

Drag link menu

1.Simulate Drag Link as Shift+Click: this option is for some complex script link.
3.If select text contain multiple URL, you can drag then open directly.
3.When drag text in edit, press Ctrl key to copy text.

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