GreenBrowser Auto Fill Form

Not only the basic form fill functions, there are more intimate convenient features to help you fill form fastest.

Set form data
GreenBrowser has a strong form data management capabilities, users can intuitive view and edit the data. Users also can encrypted form data by set a password.

Users can pre-fill identity information, and then use the identity for any websites.
Users can pre-fill multiple identities, each identity can be different account information, such as online games account information, email account information, bbs account information and so on.

General form
Users can save form as general form, and then use the general form for same kind pages.
For example, if you save a phpwin forum registration information as general form, all phpwin forums can use the general form.
You can have multiple general forms, just make ensure that the name in front of the general form is 'General', such as: General2, General-phpwin and so on.
There is a button in the form save dialog box "Save to general form".

Multi-account form
1.For the same web site you can save multiple forms, such as multiple email accounts, multiple bbs accounts.
2.When click fill form button, if not found same form information, GreenBrowser will find same domain form information, if still not find a matching form, GreenBrowser will use first identity.
3.Right-click fill form button, a dialog box of select form will pop up, if no matching URLs, will pop up identity select box.

Form fill menu
In the form fill button dropdown menu, all form fill item listed. You can adjust the menu item order in the Set form data dialog.
Action of click the menu item: Open the menu item and fill form.
Action of right-click menu item: Use form data of menu item fill current window.

Set main password
There are three main function of main password:
1. Prevent others view your form data in the setting dialog box, each time you open the settings dialog box will be asked to input the main password.
2. After set main password, all the form data will be encrypted with the main password, thus ensuring the security of form data.
3. After check "Input main password when fill form", people need to know your main password when fill any forms.

Auto fill form after open favorites URL
In the dialog of "Add to Favorite", you can set "Fill current from" after page completes. With the feature, GreenBrowser will open the page, then fill form, eliminating a lot of trouble of manual typing.

Others Features
1.Auto Submit Form: after fill form, auto submit the form to server.
2.Set Focus Item: after fill form, set focus to a item in the form.
3.Send Key to Page: In some case, the edit box is ActiveX control, we have to send key(form data) to it.

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